Ús Heit (Claas Jaguar OM422 V8) – installation view @ Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden - 2020

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Mixed media (39 materials)

Middle Atlas white cedar wood, Moroccan walnut wood, Middle Atlas lemon wood, Purpleheart wood from Brazil, Iroko wood from Ivory Coast, Zebrano wood from Ivory Coast, Frizian ashwood, Wenge wood from the Congos, mahogany wood, Thuya wood from Essaouria, Frizian Oak wood, Moroccan cherry wood, Moroccan beech wood, yellow copper, red copper, recycled aluminum, nickel silver, silver, tin, cow bone, camel bone, cowhide, cow horn, paint, Chinese superglue, recycled brass, wood glue, neoprene glue, olive tree wood, copper-plated steel, steel, gold, Moroccan pine wood, 3D-printed Polyethylene Terephthalate, Frizian Linden wood, Frizian alder wood, Frizian ceramics from Harlinger, enamels & Boda Crystal glass.

  • Year: 2019
  • Sculpture size: 122cm x 125cm x 188cm
  • Size with crate: 132cm x 135cm x 198cm
  • Sculpture weight: 500 kg
  • Weight with crate: 700 kg
  • Edition: Unique
  • Courtesy: Collection of the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (acquired with the support of Aegon, the BankGiro Lottery, the Mondriaan Fund, VSB Fund, Fund 21, and the Friends of the Fries Museum)
  • Photo: Johanna Berg & Anders Bergön