Al’atlassi (Wright R-790 Whirlwind) – installation view @ Fries Museum, The Netherlands - 2019

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Mixed media (35 materials)

Middle Atlas white cedar wood, Moroccan walnut wood, Middle Atlas lemon wood, Purple Heart wood from Brazil, Iroko wood from Ivory Coast, Zebrano wood from Ivory Coast, Ash wood from United States, Wenge wood from the Congos, Mahogany wood, Thuya wood from Essaouria, European Elm wood, Moroccan cherry wood, Moroccan beech wood, Moroccan pine wood, Moroccan olive tree wood, yellow copper, red copper, recycled aluminum, nickeled silver, silver, tin, cow bone, camel bone, cow-skin, cow horn, paint, Chinese superglue, recycled brass, wood glue, neoprene glue, 3D-printed Polyethylene Terephthalate, steel, galvanized steel, cotton & sunflower oil.

  • Year: 2018
  • Size sculpture: 138cm x 166cm x 120cm
  • Size with inner crate: 173cm x 170cm x 187,5cm
  • Size with outer crate: 178cm x 175cm x 192cm
  • Weight sculpture: 200 kg
  • Weight with inner crate: 657 kg
  • Weight with outer crate: 747 kg (955 kg volumetric weight)
  • Edition: Unique
  • Courtesy: the artist
  • Photo: Ruben van Vliet & Anders Bergön