Negative Externalities (BMW M43B18) - 2021

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Mixed media (31 materials)

Middle Atlas white cedar wood (cedrus atlantica), Moroccan walnut wood (juglans nigra), Middle Atlas lemon wood (citrus lemon), Purpleheart wood from Brazil, Iroko wood from Ivory Coast, Zebrano wood from Ivory Coast, Dutch ash wood (Fraxinus excelsior – europe cultivated), Moroccan pine wood, Dutch Linden wood, Dutch alder wood, Wenge wood from the Congos (millettia laurentii), mahogany wood (african mahogany – khaya spp.), Thuya wood from Essaouria (tetraclinis articulata), Moroccan pepper wood, Moroccan beech wood, yellow copper (brass), red copper, recycled aluminium, nickel silver, gold, tin, domesticated cow bone, domesticated cowhide, domesticated cow horn, paint, Chinese superglue, recycled brass, wood glue, neoprene glue, copper-plated steel & steel.

  • Year: 2021
  • Size sculpture: 60cm x 120cm x 70cm
  • Size with inner crate: 90cm x 140cm x 109cm
  • Size with outer crate: 107cm x 160cm x 159cm
  • Weight sculpture: 110 kg
  • Weight with inner crate: 450 kg
  • Weight with outer crate: 587 kg
  • Edition: Unique
  • Courtesy: Collection of Steve and Lisa Tananbaum, Florida, USA
  • Photo: Alessio Mei