D9T (Rachel’s Tribute) – installation view @ Vandalorum, Värnamo, Sweden - 2020

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Mixed media (46 materials)

Middle Atlas white cedar wood, high Atlas red cedar wood, walnut wood, lemon wood, Purple Heart wood from Brazil, Wenge wood from Congo, Tatajuba wood from Suriname, orange wood, ebony wood of Macassar, mahogany wood, Thuya wood, Moroccan beech wood, pink apricot wood, mother-of-pearl from Java, yellow copper, red copper, forged iron, recycled aluminium, nickelled silver, silver, tin, cow bone, goat bone, camel bone, malachite of Midelt, agate, green onyx, tigers eye, Taroudant stone, sand stone, Fibrous gypsum selenite (stone), red marble of Agadir, black marble of Ouarzazate, white marble of BÈni Mellal, pink granite of Tafraoute, goatskin, cow skin, lambskin, resin, Ourika clay, terra cotta with vitreous enamel, paint, cotton, Orange flower oil.

  • Year: 2015
  • Size (sculpture): 160cm x 160cm x 132cm
  • Size (with outer crate): 160cm x 160cm x 185cm
  • Weight (sculpture): 500 kg
  • Weight (with outer crate): 800 kg
  • Edition: Unique
  • Courtesy: The Fries Museum Collection, The Netherlands
  • Photo: Anders Bergön
  • Co-Production: BPS22 Musée d'art de la Province du Hainaut, Belgium, 2015
  • Thank you to : Hamofa/Belgium, Type O Project/Kuala Lumpur, Wallonia-Brussels International/Belgium and Mr Yvan Vanmol.